Owner, SEO Consultant, & Cannabis Ally


I love SEO because it makes the internet increasingly useful for everyone–both businesses and consumers. SEO was a natural fit for me, making the best use of my writing ability, my technical know-how, and my background in behavioral economics and data analysis. Because SEO is an ever-evolving field, I was able to dive in headfirst and learn the ropes.


If there’s anything I’ve learned since doing SEO, it’s that nothing can replace using data analysis and putting yourself in your audience’s shoes to inform your SEO strategy, no matter what changes are happening in the SEO world.


After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in Economics with honors and working as a Digital  Marketing Specialist at a digital marketing agency, I decided to start my own SEO consultancy. I wanted to provide SEO work of the highest caliber to support the growing and controversial cannabis industry.


I’ve seen the unnecessary toll our legal system has taken on people whose lives have crossed paths with marijuana both through data and in-person. Through Kaylyx, I’m changing the way cannabis is perceived and helping cannabis businesses be successful in the long-run.