Stand Out From the Crowd, Earn More Customers, and Increase Revenue with Cannabis SEO.

Kaylyx | Cannabis SEO & Online Marketing

The Best Part About Cannabis SEO?


Effective search engine optimization gets your cannabis business found by people who are already looking for a business like yours.


It’s targeted, it’s legal, and it has a great return on investment, making it a great option for cannabis businesses.


Cannabis Search Engine Optimization for:

Growers & Seed Banks

Equipment Suppliers

Product Distributors

Dispensaries & Retailers

Testing Laboratories

Delivery Services

The Ugly Truth?


If you’re not claiming your share of organic traffic, you’re giving it away to your competitors.


Earning your business prime real estate on search engines isn’t as easy as it was a decade ago, or even a few years ago. Effective SEO today requires a fine-tuned SEO strategy.


That’s where Kaylyx comes in.

Here's what you'll get with Kaylyx


Agencies aren’t the best at keeping their SEO strategies up-to-date. In fact, digital marketing agencies take one year on average between the time they realize a strategy update is needed and actually implementing that update across their clients. One year isn’t a fast enough response time when Google is updating their search algorithm up to 600 times per year.

Because Kaylyx is a niche, solo-run SEO business, I have flexibility that agencies don’t (and I would know–I used to work for one). I’ll make sure your SEO strategy is up-to-date so that your website keeps up with Google’s search algorithm updates in real-time–and more importantly–so that your website stays ahead of your competitors’.


Because Kaylyx is a boutique, solo-run SEO business, you’ll be communicating with me, Hillary–the same person working on your website and digital footprint.

You’ll never have to deal with a middleman that is unable to answer your questions, whether they pertain to SEO, your website, or cannabis marketing.

I’ll be your account director, your marketing specialist, and everything in between as your go-to cannabis SEO consultant. I’ll work directly with you and your team, giving you the utmost clarity and transparency into your cannabis business’s SEO.


Kaylyx keeps up on the latest rules of marketing your cannabis business online so that you can get back to running your business.

Marketing cannabis and cannabis-affiliated products and services online can be tricky, especially since each online platform has its own rules regarding marijuana-related content. Furthermore, many of these online platforms have inconsistent levels of enforcement when it comes to policing marijuana-related content, making matters even more complicated.

I’ll keep your cannabis business in the clear when marketing your cannabis-related products or services online, and navigate you to safe waters on the off-chance that anything goes awry.


With Kaylyx, you’ll get what your business needs. Rather than making you dig through internet marketing packages to figure out if you need ‘Content Marketing,’ ‘SEO,’ ‘Reputation Management,’ or some combination, Kaylyx makes it easy.

I’ll tell you what could use work, what’s already looking great, and where’s the best place to start our SEO efforts based on your business needs and budget.

Just as what’s best in SEO can change over time, so can your business goals. Keeping your SEO Plan flexible and adaptable is important to successful SEO execution.


To make a truly effective SEO strategy, I need to get to know your cannabis business inside and out: it’s history, it’s vibe, and what you’re bringing to the table for your customers.

An effective SEO strategy isn’t siloed–it’s integrated with your business goals and your other marketing efforts.

As Google’s search algorithm gets more advanced, having a unique brand with customized content is increasingly vital. I’ll make sure your online presence represents your unique cannabis business with holistic SEO marketing.


Kaylyx’s approval process means that you’ll always know what changes are happening on your website, when they’re happening, and why. Nothing on your site or digital footprint will be touched without your approval first. At the end of each monthly report, you’ll see the status of SEO tasks for last month, the current month, and next month to keep things sailing smoothly.

With your monthly and biannual reports, you’ll never be in the dark about the short-term and long-term progress of your cannabis business’s SEO. Your reports will not only track progress, but provide data that we can use to further improve your SEO strategy.